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October 17 2017


hey guys billy mays here with the


contract killing!

October 16 2017

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It felt like a Magnus thing to do but a Taako thing to say.


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Why the fuck the mass media keeps on giving the platform to such a shitty people?

Richard Spencer should be forgotten. Let him preach his shit thoughts and plans to rocks or prison cell walls. He’s playing a dirty games. He thinks it’s alright to load people’s heads with his moronic ideas, but it may be harmful. I’m sure we should not ask his opinion on anything. He has the right to say it, but we have the right not to listen to him.



I crave physical affection and closeness but only from very specific people and when anyone else touches me it is actually repulsive












Lol when a 14 year old tries to tell off a 39 year old, gotta laugh.

Let’s just say meeting a real life Anti is an experience.

Did you… Did you meet an anti in real life?
Tell me more! Tell me more *Singing from Grease erupts*

So I’m in the toilets at the market I work at washing my hands minding my own business, and I notice this young girl at the taps looking me up and down scowling. Note I’m wearing my hair in three buns and have a Kylo tee on. So I’m like

“Is there a problem?”

And she just says

“Are you a fucking Reylo?”

And I’m like

“Geez, what gave it away?” Because I have zero chill when it comes to smart arse teens and she starts going off her nut at me, screaming, literally screaming all the usual

Reylo is abusive, racist blah blah blah. Now she’s so loud her mum comes running in from outside to see what’s going on.

I just turned around and said

“I don’t know who you think you are but how dare you talk to me or anyone like that.”

Her mum just hit the roof at her, telling her off in front of about ten other market workers for her yelling, swearing, having the nerve to yell at an adult she doesn’t know like that…

And then he Mum finished with the classic line…

“What did you think was going to happen with Kylo and Rey?! Of course that’s what’s going on!”

So she not only embarrassed herself, she got in major trouble and found out her Mum ships Reylo…

It was a great start to the day.




yall this is so fake im screaming oh my god. 

and then everybody in the walmart clapped

perma ban this user for making the worlds most pitiful lie/being forty and thinking about star wars too much

i wrote this

op is really 39 making posts like this oh my god

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i couldn’t make this up even if i tried

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this is fantastic now children in Puerto Rico wont be able to receive the education they deserve thanks to their messed up government

Its even worse than that. I’m living through it. Not only are schools closing, hospitals are collapsing. Only around 9% of the island has electricity and it comes and goes at times.

People are dying in hospitals because of lack of diesel for the generators, a lot of the water is now infected, there are disease outbreaks and scareceness of food. I am safe, but many are not.

Some have water, others don’t. We need help. Sending money would be helpful but what would help even more would be sending water filters, filtering water bottles, food, medicine, if somehow possible diesel.

All of you reblogging this news helps, but what we need is physical help. If you can’t, then spread the word, but God if you can send supplies… Please… PLEASE do. We are dying. Help us, help us save ourselves. Help us save our people. Help us save out ISLAND.

If you’re not in a position to ship or transport useful items to the island (which is sure as heck the case for me in New Zealand) then the best thing you can do is give money to a reputable relief organisation operating in the area.

Hispanic Federation UNIDOS fundraising page for Puerto Rico.

Choose the fundraiser you want from the dropdown menu in the “Your Information” section (as you can see from the picture they have several).

Save the Children’s Hurricane Maria fundraising page.

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What would you do? You choose what path your character takes in Episode – download the app now! 



the part of adulthood that nobody prepared me for was how some nights you’re like “yknow what? i’m in the mood to cook a full 12-course meal for myself” and other nights you’re like “tortilla chips are basically an entire meal it’s fine”










Hey remember in the very early 2000s when ppl would like put *brick’d* or *shot* at the ends of their own sentences, like, they’d cut themselves off preemptively by roleplaying a third party who was preventing them from finishing their sentence… by physically harming them… ???? ?

that was some next level shit tbh

its just the 2000s version of ending a text post in the middle of a sentence and waiting for someone to reblog it w “they fucking killed him”

Right but you take th e fucking initiative yourself instead of lazing about expecting some other guy to come along and do the work FOR you like people do nowadays…. smh where is this generations work ethic…. in my day we had to walk up implying someone had killed you mid-sentence both ways

I just love this. It was implying that after what you said, someone was throwing a brick at you, and you DESERVED IT.

I also used it in response for when I’d get admonished by my friends for saying something and they all yelled at me.

the holy combo of “ XD /shot”. not only were you making the XD face but someone took you out for it.

bring back *brick’d* and /shot 2k17

i miss it… it was a level of self-awareness that wasn’t too deprecating. the early internet was so much cuter & kinder before cringe culture.

sometimes you be saying some shit and you just need to take responsibility and take yourself out for others sake












my mom taught me the therapeutic power of cleaning. open all the windows. throw out the old. wipe down the entire house. burn some incense. roast some coffee. then rest. that way the tears from last night don’t feel as heavy. 

She just wanted you to clean the house

No it’s actually been studied and proven that for people with anxiety and depression that it’s really good for us it gives us a sense of control, setting, and being well grounded. It allows to make a new place out of the old and is really relaxing

It is such a catch-22, that cleaning when you are depressed (and likely less able to gather the executive functioning to do so) also alleviates it. After having a good clean, I always feel more in control and less stressed. It’s the getting started that is the hardest part. The good news is, even a tiny bit of cleaning has a positive effect, so start with what you can manage.

Even if you just clean up the immediate area around you, even if you clean a little at a time or spaced out over days, you’ll feel lighter.


Even if all you can do is put three dishes in the dishwasher, or move the dirty laundry pile to outside the laundry door, or throw out that box of leftovers that have been sitting in the fridge for 2 weeks

it counts.

My therapy professor always gets his patients to just wipe the bathroom mirror when they’re feeling that way. Just the mirror, nothing more. But then by the time his patients are done with the mirror, most of them report “well, I was already in the bathroom, so I did the sink and tub too.” And before they know it, they’ve cleaned an entire bathroom.

My therapist once told me that, every day, I should try and do at least one thing that I either enjoyed, or gave me a sense of mastery. And honestly, the enjoyment thing can kind of seem overrated, especially when you feel like crap, but the mastery thing? Doing laundry or taking out the trash or whatever else I can bring myself to accomplish?

Holy shit, man… it’s /good/

This stuff saved my ass back when I had depression. Vacuuming the room, spraying some febreze shit and wiping some countertops works wonders.

tiny baby steps are helpful

do what you can, forgive yourself for what you can’t, and challenge yourself to do better tomorrow (and it’s okay to fail at this; just try again the next tomorrow)

October 15 2017

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One of the funniest things in the world to me is that comedy podcaster/video game journalist Justin Mcelroy will occasionally get emails intended for Crime/Politics Vancouver reporter Justin Mcelroy



My kink is when you’re eating a pint of chocolate chip cookie dough ice cream and your spoon hits a massive boulder of cookie dough that you then pry out like an archaeologist on the dig of a lifetime



a stealth game where the hardmode is your character has to constantly be wearing the loudest flip flops ever 



Over the Garden Wall is such the late fall/early winter/halloween/thanksgiving aesthetic I swear I’m going to have the urge to watch it every year around autumn until I die.



i can’t make fun of Rick and M'lady-ok oh my god, that’s what my phone autocorrected “Morty” to, so this text post is cancelled. im hitting the brakes on this one. i think God just stepped in






fuck it

i dont want girls sexualising mlm relationships anymore. at all

i dont want them fetishizing our relationships bc they think it’s sexy

i dont care if its a “way for them to express their sexuality”. that aint right and its messed that they can say that they want men in the porn industry to stop fetishizing wlw relationships, only to do the same bc its “fandom”

can yall please reblog this actually ??

bc like. im a boy attracted to boys. and this is making me uncomfortable and i want it to stop

and im not the only one ? a handful of people have agreed with me and im sure there are more

please dont ignore this bc you want to keep writing/drawing/reading m/m porn…. or bc im a boy and you dont care what i have to say….. especially if you disagree with the treatment of wlw in the porn industry its a double standard and this is important to me and i dont want it to be swept under the rug

Add on: you can still write, draw and read about mlm without fetishizing them. By fetishization, OP means that you only see these relationships as sexy and sinful instead of just seeing it as average everyday relationships.

Nearly every girl I’ve met within fandoms with mlm ships has only focused on the men having sex or calling them ‘my nasty gay babies’ and that’s just gross.

Cosigned and fucking sealed. Queer people are not here for entertainment, they are not kinks or tropes in and of themselves. Now cut it out people.

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